Some time ago, the cPanel Control Panel was a proven pioneer on the website hosting marketplace. Its popularity grew so large that today cPanel is an analogue of Control Panel. Nonetheless, the cPanel Control Panel has been based on obsolete ideas and what was very successful in 2005 is just not actual now.

That is why, we came up with the Control Panel, based on the ideas of today and prepared for the trials of the future. It has been intended to work in the cloud, to always be simple and to help you control all aspects of your online presence: web site, domain name and billing, all from one location.

1. Domain name/invoicing/web site tools

The Control Panel lets you quickly control all your domain names, e–mail addresses and web sites with a click of the mouse. This way, you are able to deal with all aspects of your web presence within one interface.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll need to sign into two different website management solutions – a billing panel from which you deal with domains and invoicing and the cPanel Control Panel from which you take care of your sites.

2. File Hierarchy

Handling a variety of domains and web sites from a single cloud hosting account has to be easy. Within the Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain is situated in an independent directory and is fully separated from the other.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you have a single hosting account for your primary website and if you intend to include supplementary websites within the very same hosting account, they’ll be incorporated as sub–folders of your primary website. This will make taking care of multiple websites really puzzling.

3. File Manager

The Control Panel has a user–friendly File Manager, which enables you to publish files by dragging them in your browser. You’ll have comfortable access to all the characteristics through helpful right click context navigation. You can as well use code and WYSIWYG editors. All features are are super easy to access.

The File Manager featured in the cPanel Control Panel has been revised several times over the years, however it still is unable to offer decent results as opposed to other web–based file manipulation instruments. You can’t make use of a drag–n–drop capability to add data files, the unarchiver may be hard to rely on from time to time and also the file management interface is restricted in options.

4. Free–of–charge Gifts

The Control Panel is run by our company and offers a rich freely available bonuses that will normally cost you more than $1000 USD with some other companies. You’ll get access to many free website themes, the Easy Website Installer, Free Web Apps, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Instruments, etcetera.

The free–of–charge bonus features included in the cPanel Control Panel can vary from N/A to a few. All of the cost–free gifts within the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and will be readily available provided that your hosting vendor has acquired a certificate to offer them. This way, if your provider free–of–cost extras with your plan, they will definitely raise the value of the whole service.

5. Control Panel Speeds of Operation

The Control Panel is run on our in–house built cloud web hosting plans. It’s enhanced to work on our set of hardware parts and operate using our selection of software programs. This makes it operate a lot faster in comparison with virtually any Control Panel on the market. And it’s more reliable too.

cPanel continues to be working on a platform from a decade ago and will truly slow down sometimes. The cPanel team of developers has carried out a substantial step with the launch of cPanel accelerated. Nevertheless, in evaluation experiments, standard web site administration functions typically display superior results with alternative Control Panel interfaces.

6. Multi–domain name Controls

The Control Panel permits you to seamlessly manage an array of websites as well as their domains from one place. Each site will have its very own special folder in the root directory of your web hosting account and will also be fully free from the rest. That way, you can employ only one website hosting account to manage as many domain names and web sites as you need.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep different elements separate – you’ll need to control your domains from one login area and your web sites from a different one. Each web site has its own Control Panel. Controlling many different web sites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather confusing because all of the added domains will be stored in the directory of the primary domain.

7. Control Panel Navigation

When using the Control Panel, you’ll be able to easily navigate from one section to a new one by using our very useful top navigation bar. It provides links to every area of the Control Panel along with a quick description of what you’re able to do there. In this way, even if you don’t know what the particular area implies, you will have the ability to quickly get acquainted with its functions.

In the cPanel main page, you will notice icons for all parts of the Control Panel. As a result, even if you never click on a tool, you’ll still find it on the index page. Furthermore, to navigate between the different sections, you always have to return straight back to the homepage and then go to an internal section.

8. Demo Accounts

With the Control Panel, we’ve put together a full–fledged demo account for you to take a look prior to signup. You’ll have access to a test cloud web hosting plans account where you’ll be able to set up mail addresses, deploy apps, make new subdomains, and create a website using any of the site constructors, and so on. Should you like what you have created – you you’re able to enroll through the demo account and preserve anything you have created up to now.

Through the demo website hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you are able to solely become familiar with look of the user interface. Almost all functions are inaccessible and you also cannot in fact go off the home page. With many hosting suppliers, you will be granted entry to a plain cPanel demo account, and will not be able to see the Control Panel you will in fact be using to manage your sites if you sign up.

We can list every single feature of our Site Control Panel here and evaluate it against the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it will be quicker if you just take a glance at our live demo account and discover the visible difference by yourself.

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