Most email messages sent around the globe these days are spam, in other words – unwelcome messages with various offers or with hyperlinks to malicious software. Not only are such emails annoying, but they also present a risk to your computer, not to mention that you may be duped. That’s why, many email providers rely on spam filters, which are applications that monitor all incoming email messages and filter the undesired ones on the basis of their content – what words an email message consists of and how often they’re mentioned, what site a particular link points to, what email server the email message comes from, and so on. Some providers also use the databases of spam-tracking organizations dedicated to the provision of the most up-to-date info about undesired messages, to make sure that their customers won’t receive any email message in their inbox that shouldn’t be there.

Spam Filters in Cloud Web Hosting

If you order a cloud web hosting package from our company and if you take advantage of our mail services, you’ll be able to set up spam filters for any of the mailboxes that you create from the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. With no more than a few mouse clicks, you can select between 5 separate levels of security. In case you start getting spam, you can begin with the lowest level and then gradually raise the level until you stop getting spam. We use one of the best and most famous filters available on the market called SpamAssassin. It ‘scans’ the header and the body of every email message that you get and determines a spam score, based on which it either deletes a given email or permits it to enter your mailbox. Hepsia will also allow you to activate custom spam filters and either eliminate undesired email messages or forward them to a third-party email address like where you can check them once more after that.